Guide PS600

Guide PS600

Ultimate in portable thermal imaging technology

  • With a new generation of focus motor and professional laser rangefinder, 1 touch autofocus in 0.4 second
  • Upgraded visible light camera, flagship model up to 13 million pixels, supports infrared and visual imaging dual channel video r ecording
  • Support AI voice recognition, text photo recognition and typing, convenient for customizing the image name
  • Optional lenses are available such as macro/wide angle/Medium telephoto lens/ telephoto lens, support automatic calibration, eas y to replace
  • Support cloud services, upload local images to the cloud at any time, for remote analysis and problem feedback
  • 40 C ~ 2000 C ultra wide temperature range, support automatic switching, suitable for more application scenarios

The Guide PS Series high-performance thermal camera is designed to make the inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting work easier, faster and more accurate. It adopts a new generation of uncooled IR focal-plane detectors, which provides sharper thermal images and higher measurement accuracy. With its rotatable lens and screen structure, up to 13 million pixels visible light camera module, high precision rangefinder, and supplemented by some professional functions such as AI recognition naming, intelligent area measurement, flexible emissivity settings by areas, super-resolution reconstruction, strive to meet the needs of every thermography experts.


Guide PS Series 1Ergonomic Design for Better Viewing Experience

The IF Design Awarded rotating lens and screen structure helps users quickly diagnose failing components in hard-to-reach areas.


Guide PS Series 2Fast Focus in 0.4 Second

Adopts a new generation of focus motor and professional laser rangefinder to achieve 0.4 second one-touch smart autofocus.


Guide PS Series 3Calibration-free Lenses 

Calibration-free optional extended lenses function, for more application scenarios. No need factory-calibration, time-saving and cost-saving.


Guide PS Series 4Cloud Service 

Share images to the Cloud anytime, anywhere, for remote analysis and problem feedback.

WIFI Connect

  • Mobile hotspot
  • Wireless router
  • 4G mobile communication (optional)

Guide PS Series 5AI Voice Recognition

Support customization of the image naming, three input methods, convenient for memory and file management.


Guide PS Series 6Image Processing Technology

Provides four image modes IR, visible light, PIP and MIF.  The unique MIF mode supports the fusion of visible light image details on the thermal image, which will comprehensively improve your observation experience and work efficiency.


Guide PS Series 7Image Processing Technology

--Image Super-resolution Reconstruction

The image details can be increased by specific algorithm. Super-resolution reconstruction can increase the pixel of infrared image to 4 times the original, and obtain high-quality imaging effect.


Guide PS Series 8PC analysis software-ThermoTools

ThermoTools can help you conduct professional comprehensive analysis and post-secondary processing of the original infrared thermal image taken by the thermal camera, and realize the unified management of the data. This set of software has a friendly interface, powerful functions, simple operation and easy operation.


Guide PS Series 9APP Client --Thermography

Thermography is a powerful mobile infrared analysis software, which can be connected to the infrared thermal camera via WiFi.