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Corona imaging, for high voltage electrical power networks, creates an electronic image of corona discharge activity using UV light generated by the impact of excessive electric field stress on air


Power Quality Test Equipment

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Voltage, Current Loggers & Energy/Power Consumption Loggers

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State-of-the-art Engineering Software for Electric Utilities. Speed, ease-of-use and accuracy.

Record solar irradiation (watts per square metre), DC Voltage and DC Current produced by solar panels to assess the performance of a solar energy installation.

Thermal cameras are professional and easy-to-use, and provide fast accurate readings.

They can cover a wide range of surface temperatures with on-screen spot as well as max/min temperature measurement and tracking.

Our cameras also combine a visual and full infrared image on screen, making troubleshooting and pinpointing problems much easier.

Guide Sensmart Thermal Imaging Cameras

AVO Thermal Imaging Catalogue May21 1

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Guide Reporting Software

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Key features to look for when choosing a thermal imaging camera:

How far away are you operating and how small are the objects you are viewing?

  • This is important because  it will determine the resolution required in your camera. Specifically you need to be aware of:
    • The Spatial Resolution (IFOV),the smaller the IFOV is, the smaller object and further distance can be measured.
    • Pixel Count, the more pixels, the clearer the image, more temperature points of the thermal image can be measured, smaller targets can be measured and further distances can be observed.
    • Field of View (FOV), essentially determines how much the camera observes at any point in time. Differing lens attachments will allow flexibility here.

Temperature range:

  • May seem obvious but it is crucial to check the temperature range, different industries have different requirements so know your application   

Thermal Sensitivity (NETD):

  • NETD determines the capability to distinguish between tiny temperature differences. Depending on the characteristics of the targets you are imaging there may naturally be large a large contrast in temperatures ie a hot fuse at 100C+ surrounded by a cabinet at 25C in which case a low NETD is not necessarily needed but if you are looking for small changes in temperature then a lower NETD will be required.

thermal imaging typeWhat image do you want to take?

  • IR
  • Visible
  • PIP (Picture in Picture), Thermal overlayed (or blended through) a visible image
  • MIF (Multi-spectral Image Fusion), Guide Sensmart patent - supports the fusion of visible image details on the thermal image, which will enhance your observation, experience and work efficiency

Reporting Software:

  • Arguably almost as important as choosing the right camera – as a thermographer you are likely to spend as much time in the field as you are creating post surveying reports, hence simple but effective software that makes your job that much easier and efficient is crucial.

AVO New Zealand is here to make it easy for you. Give us a call to discuss your application and we can recommend a thermal imaging camera for you.

ThermalImaging Selection Guide

Choice of 1,2,5,or 9 gases! Earliest, reliable, fault detection and stunning accuracy, LDL, & repeatability! Very low lifecycle costs.

Precision temperature monitor for liquid immersed power and distribution transformers. Extend transformer life, utilize maximum capacity and reduce maintenance costs.

Using a suitable relay the formation of gas can be used as a warning of a developing fault in an oil filled Transformer

Precision temperature monitor for liquid immersed power and distribution transformers. Extend transformer life, utilize maximum capacity & reduce maintenance costs.

Allows wildlife & overhead lines to co-exist cost-effectively.

Laboratory quality DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) for your substation and transformer diagnoses. Everything you need to make critical decisions on site.

Monitoring the condition of transformers. Continuous data monitoring, detailed analysis, and change-of-status notices for more precise condition assessments according to DGA, oil quality and paper degradation.

Weshler BarGraph Instruments catalogue 1Weschler Digital Bargraph
Instruments Catalogue

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Thermal cameras are a fast and simple tool to detect fevers. The body temperatures of workers and visitors are harmlessly, anonymously, and efficiently monitored as they go about their business.

These cameras are easily installed in border terminals, restaurants, public buildings, transport hubs, private offices, hospitals, educational facilities and factories.

Fever screening selection guide

Protecting and prolonging the life span of electrical cables, FS has proven its worth for decades. We have an extensive reference list stretching from industrial plants, oil rigs and cruise ships to offshore wind farms. Our products are approved by leading classification societies and authorities.

Our core activities are:

  • Cable life extension
  • Cable repair
  • Fire protection

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