Portable DGA Analyser

Laboratory quality DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) for your substation and transformer diagnoses. Everything you need to make critical decisions on site.

Morgan Schaffer Myrkos Lab Package

The Myrkos Lab Package is optimized for throughput of oil samples in a DGA laboratory environment. The bench-top Myrkos DGA Micro Gas Chromatography instrument is combined with a Syringe Shaker which makes sample preparation fast and easy

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Morgan Schaffer Myrkos

The 9-gas Myrkos field-portable DGA analyser uses Morgan Schaffer's™ proprietary ShakeTest sampling technique, combined with field calibrations against a certified standard,  to deliver fast, accurate DGA results wherever you need them on site.  The ruggedized Myrkos Field Package brings laboratory quality DGA to your substation. With gas autonomy of 42 hours and battery autonomy of 7 hours, the Myrkos Field Package contains everything you need to make critical decisions on site.. Included in all packages is Morgan Schaffer’s intuitive PPMReport software which is ideal for both expert and occasional users. PPMReport includes a database of your transformers and DGA results, and allows you to generate customized PDF reports with DGA accuracy you can depend on. Myrkos is available also in a Lab Package

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