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SF6 Gas testing and SF6 leak imaging/quantification technology

The move toward an exemplary Industry-driven stewardship of SF6 gas in the power industry is a major concern to the Industry internationally, especially as greenhouse gas issues have rapidly elevated in public awareness over the past year. Although only responsible for managing some 1.5% of the world’s SF6 gas resource, the power industry cannot operate without this gas. Other uses of the gas (such as blanketing magnesium and aluminium castings) have been widely noted for wastage and caused already an unbelievable level of environmental damage which the power industry is racing to distance itself from.

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Press Release – Ergon Energy Implements State-Of-The-Art Sf6 Gas Testing Equipment

Ergon Energy in Queensland is committed to environmental responsibility in serving its customers and the community. As operator of Australia’s largest and most diverse electricity distribution network infrastructure, Ergon has an international ISO 14001 environmental certification and has been a signatory to the Australian Greenhouse Challenge since 1997.
Aware of the major potential greenhouse impact following any losses of the switchgear insulant gas, SF6, Ergon Energy have long-established gas management practices that seek to minimise and track and loses of the gas. Such initiatives pre-date much of the SF6 gas tightness and handling initiatives from the European sector of the Industry, only now being finalised as Cigre Guidelines under Committee B3 AA2 WG18.

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