Data Management Services

DFA logoAssociated Data Management Services, Uniquely Allows:

Optimised Operational Performance:

  • Permits a timely pre-emption, qualification, and location of feeder events (both tripping or non-tripping). Such events may typically be below the threshold of protection or customer complaint, and unable to be efficiently data-mined by conventional means
  • Allows more proactive, planned, and informed operational responses which are both cost-effective & safer for crews
  • Enhances all measures of customer service delivery & feeder operational performance (reducing SAIDI, SAIFI, and STPIS)
  • Reduces associated regulatory penalties

Clarification & Breakdown of all Outage Faults, by Feeder

  • Capture, categorisation, & location of all ‘abnormal events’ (including non-tripping & repetitive events), many of which are not presently visible by conventional means
  • Reduces conventional event reporting uncertainties, allowing an informed asset management response

Enhanced Storm Resilience

By noting & trending observed ‘abnormal arcing’ and ‘repetitive arcing’ events:

  • investment in maintenance strategies may be optimised
  • feeder design reviewed, if appropriate
  • overall feeder resilience maximised (e.g. storm resilience via managed vegetation performance)

Trending, by Feeder, of Asset Performance & Effectiveness of Asset Management Investment

DFA data assessment permits:

  • mid to longer term comparative performance of feeders to be ascertained & plotted
  • impacts of each feeder investment to be critically and timely assessed
  • on-going investment strategies per feeder to be formulated
  • potential reallocation of feeder budgets across wider feeder population
  • actions taken prior to incurring adverse fault statistics