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More ‘eyes’ on the network to stop power cuts before they happen

Written by UK Power Networks

Futuristic technology designed to prevent power cuts is being trialled by UK Power Networks.

Britain’s biggest electricity distributor is testing Distribution Fault Anticipation (DFA) technology in the South East and East of England as a way to spot network faults, before they interrupt people’s supplies. The DFA-Plus device monitors voltage and current on electricity circuits and matches any abnormal waveforms with a library of most likely causes.

The system works at high sampling rates to detect even tiny disturbances on the network that are not usually visible using traditional network protection devices. During testing, the technology revealed disturbances on two separate cable terminations, up to eight weeks before they interrupted power supplies. It also showed that when third party workers accidentally damaged the outer sheath of a high voltage cable (though not sufficient to cause the circuit to trip) the DFA detected disturbances on the cable and it faulted weeks later.

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New Zealand Power Industry Innovator Awarded Major Business Contract in UK

Written by UK Power Networks

New Zealand-based LORD Power Equipment is not one to shy away from hard work when bringing innovative new technologies to the Power Industry.

Six years ago, Managing Director Trevor Lord encountered a humble product poster at a Chicago Power Industry conference that changed his life. Recognising immediately the international potential of the so-called Distribution Fault Anticipation technology (or ‘DFA’) featured on the poster, he conceived of a novel method to bring the DFA to the market and entered into a business arrangement with the Texas-based developer.

“It was a perfect piece of timing,” Mr Lord reflects. “In essence we had a proven and unrivalled device with some 20 years of R&D behind it, but which was only in the early stages of full commercialisation.”

A key feature of the DFA is that faults can be assessed from anywhere, via a secure internet connection. “It was a clever concept.”

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Energy Network Innovation Award 2019

Written by Energy Network, Australian

I am delighted to advise that Power and Water's Darwin's DFA Trial has been shortlisted for the 2019 Energy Network Industry Innovation Award.

This award recognises leadership in the design, development and application of a ground-breaking Australian energy network initiative, technology, service, or solution.

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