General Industry News

Large East Coast Utility Secures Substations with SmarterFence

SmarterFence was chosen by a large electric utility on the east coast USA to better protect its service and its people. After too many costly issues, the customer sought a solution to alarm anyone breaking into their remote substations. Recently installed at one substation, SmarterFence will soon be installed at two more to help keep employees safe and the power on across more of the utility’s service area.

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OneLiner Training Course for Relay Engineers

Date: January 31- February 2, 2012
Time: 8:30am - 4:45pm (8:30am-11:00am on last day)
Embassy Suites Hotel, 150 Anza Blvd.
Burlingame, California 94010

This course is designed for engineers who are using ASPEN OneLiner to perform short circuit and relay coordination studies and wish to become more proficient in using the program. The course material is intended for users of all levels. The class will include hands-on training of System Modeling, Short Circuit Studies and Protective Equipment Studies.
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VLF200 Press Release


The High Voltage, Inc. VLF-200CMF is now in service, providing AC withstand testing, Tan Delta testing, and Partial Discharge detection. 0 - 200 kV peak, 0.1 Hz @ .75 uF, 0.05 Hz @ 1.5 uF, 0.02 Hz @ 3.75 uF.

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Lord Power Equipment Power Industry Update

Timely Detection and Emergency Management of Transformer Main Tank Issues

Often just viewed as a form of ‘insurance’, an appropriate on-line monitor can not only provide a timely detection of main tank issues but also provide, arguably, an even more significant contribution in the subsequent management of the event with the transformer remaining energised throughout.

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Aspen Leaflet - Summer 2008

Stepped Event Analysis

Stepped event analysis is one of the important additions in the upcoming V11 release of OneLiner™. A stepped event simulation begins an initiating short circuit defined by the user. The stepped-event logic then simulates subsequent relay-tripping and line-reclosing events until no further events are forthcoming.

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