Morgan Schaffer Calisto 2

Invest in a Transformer Monitor That is Engineered for the job

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  • Built tough for Australian conditions
  • Proven in the region for 15+ years
  • Unrivalled design for earliest possible event detection
  • Superb accuracy ensures reliable trends
  • 30 month warranty & backed for life!
  • Stunning Value… a must for the strategic transformer
  • The leading choice through great performance

Combine early fault detection and monitoring of cellulose degradation

Calisto 2 is Morgan Schaffer’s newest innovation offering compelling value in transformer fault detection and monitoring.

Built to stand the rigours of the Australian climate and to give a maintenance-free 15 year life with no consumables or requirement to replace parts over that time, Calisto 2 offers extremely low whole-of-life cost.

Calisto 2 features unequalled performance and stability for the measurement of moisture and dissolved hydrogen (THE key gas for detecting incipient faults at their earliest stage).  It offers unrivalled 2 ppm resolution, 5% accuracy, superb stability of reading, and very fast response to issues (better than 90% of step change detected in just 60 minutes).

Calisto 2 also offers independent measurement of carbon monoxide, a gas often generated in large quantities when transformer cellulose overheats.

Calisto 2 features a very complete communications specification, including optional fibre and IEC61850, and is supplied standard with DNP3.0 and MODBUS communication protocols, thus allowing easy deployment within existing communications and SCADA networks.
It supports all oil types and has been a trusted monitor of choice for the past 15 years in the Australian region with over 17,000 in service in the world today!

Offered with a 30 month warranty, it is very proudly backed for life with exceptional application and field support by AVO New Zealand and Morgan Schaffer.

Judge for yourselves…ask to speak to one of our long-standing customers!



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