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January 20, 2012

REF: Client Testimonial on Multi Gas Equipment by Morgan Schaffer


The following is a direct quote from our existing client Entergy Services Nine Mile Point, in the United States
John C. Lawrence, P.E., Sr. Electrical Engineer at Entergy has recently made us aware of how the Calisto 9 online monitors prevented a catastrophic failure. The results provided also enabled Entergy to make quick decisions and to advise the OEM who quickly rectified the problem.

`The decision to use an installed multi-gas Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) instrument (Calisto 9) was primarily made by our technical group. I did not have much experience with transformers gassing or DGA using either manual sampling or by an installed online type instrument prior to this installation.
However, I did find the speed, consistency and the ease of obtaining the DGA results for the XFMR especially during start up when we unexpectedly experienced gassing problems.

The installed multi-gas DGA instrument alerted us very early in the process and I think it did keep a total failure of the XFMR from happening.
The installed multi-gas DGA instrument doing the oil analysis every 3 hours or every hour made it extremely easy to see the rate at which the XFMR was producing gas.

We utilized manual samples to cross check and verify the installed multi-gas DGA instrument and the lab results supported what the installed DGA instrument was telling us but while good, the lab results were not as constant as the results from the installed multi-gas DGA instrument.
When it comes to large GSU XFMRS or other large critical XFMRS I think having an installed multi-gas DGA instrument is well worth the investment.`


John C. Lawrence, P.E.
Sr. Electrical Engineer
Entergy Services Nine Mile Point
1617 River Road
Westwego, LA 70094

Morgan Schaffer calisto55 Fault Gases - Moisture

Avoid what could become a costly transformer failure by choosing our new generation of multi-gas on-line monitors. The Calisto 5 is a powerful tool for transformer condition assessment.

This generation of Calistos uses gas chromatography with proven reliable results.
This is a physical method of separation in which the components to be separated are distributed between two phases, one of which is stationary (stationary phase) while the other moves in a definite direction (mobile phase).


  • Identify arcing at the earliest onset
  • Add continuous Duval Triangle diagnosis to incipient fault detection
  • Ensure concurrence with laboratory data (short-term and long-term)
  • View data and monitor status on-site without tools or computers
  • Low ownership cost


  • Additional measurement of Duval Triangle gases
  • Acetylene measurement from 0.2 ppm
  • Automated self-calibration using certified primary grade gas
  • Intuitive front-panel display interface
  • Built-in oil circulation and flow monitoring
  • Continuous enclosure and oil conditioning
  • DNP3 and Modbus standard, IEC 61850 optional
  • Vacuum tolerant
  • Substation hardened communication electronics
  • Built-in moisture and solubility coefficients for all common insulating fluids