Morgan Schaffer Calisto R9 monitor

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Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) Monitor

Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) monitors are important tools for ensuring the power grid runs reliably and safely. They provide early detection of a wide range of transformer health problems and enable timely fault diagnosis to drive informed asset management and maintenance decisions.

A New Way For Infrared DGA

The Calisto R9 brings something new to the market of DGA monitors: long-term accuracy without calibration gas cylinders to manage. This breakthrough is achieved by combining a novel IR gas measurement technology with a game-changing calibration system that uses water vapor as a calibrant to maintain accuracy over time.

Calisto R9 combines these innovations with robust design features that have been continuously improved through many years of serving Calisto customers around the world. These include membrane extraction to keep the gas measurement system free of oil and oil vapors, our sludge-tolerant pump that eliminates the need for oil filtration, and precision thermal controls for DGA accuracy.

As you might expect, the next generation DGA monitor in the Calisto line measures the concentrations of fault gases, air components, and moisture dissolved in transformer insulating liquids.

Measures All Key Fault Gases Plus Moisture

DGA is widely considered to be the most powerful tool available for understanding transformer health. Online DGA puts these insights at the fingertips of asset managers and allows automated alerts to changes in transformer condition.

Key Fault Gases

Innovative Methods To Ensure Long-term Accuracy

The Calisto R9 leverages U.S. patented and innovative techniques that ensure measurement accuracy with minimum maintenance, to let asset managers focus on the condition of their transformers.

Morgan Schaffer’s patented Differential Infrared Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (DIPAS) method and proprietary thermal conductivity for hydrogen enable the monitor to accurately read even small concentrations of dissolved gases.

Asset managers benefit from early fault detection, accurate diagnosis and informed risk assessment.

The DIPAS method ensures accurate readings even if the fluid contains considerable moisture or unexpected dissolved gases such as SF6 or heavy hydrocarbons, common in aged transformers.

Water-Vapor Based Automated Calibration

Calisto R9 uniquely features on-board automatic calibration with water vapor, which maintains accuracy throughout the lifetime of the monitor. The system’s ability to stay calibrated without the need to replace compressed gas cylinders provides premium DGA performance with very low maintenance time, cost and effort.

Membrane Gas Extraction

Proven vacuum-tolerant membrane extraction prevents oil and oil vapors from contaminating the gas measurement system over its lifetime. The membrane ensures that transformer fluid or vapors cannot contaminate the gas measurement system even during transformer or monitor maintenance. For maximum DGA accuracy, the product has built in Ostwald solubility coefficients of common oil types.

Intelligent Bubble Trap System

The intelligent bubble trap system prevents risks associated with gas bubbles entering the transformer tank during installation and use. To protect the dielectric system, air and gas bubbles are automatically removed from the oil before it is returned to the transformer. The bubble trap feature simplifies installation, which typically takes less than 2 hours.

Reliable Oil Circulation and Flow Monitoring

This next generation monitor comes with the same field-proven oil pump as earlier Calisto models. The unique solenoid pump allows the Calisto R9 to be intrinsically sludge tolerant without the need to maintain oil filters. Additionally, proprietary oil flow monitoring system provides a low-flow error if the flow drops below a pre-set threshold.

Precision Temperature Regulation

For maximum accuracy, Calisto products precisely control the oil temperature for both gas extraction and moisture measurements. Also, the temperature of the gas measurement system is carefully regulated to ensure constant conditions for the gas measurement system.

Together, these temperature control systems eliminate the need for elaborate temperature compensation schemes and generate consistently accurate DGA readings.

Feature-Rich & Dependable

Calisto R9 is designed to simplify the setup and operation of your transformer monitoring program, and provide confidence in the state of each transformer in your fleet.

Reliable and Secure

Calisto R9 comes with field-proven Morgan Schaffer designs for headspace gas extraction, oil flow monitoring, bubble prevention, and thermal management. Newly designed electronics enhance reliability and supply-chain resilience, while a Linux operating system meets evolving requirements for cyber security. The product has been tested to exacting international standards for EMI/EMC, safety, environmental, and vibration. The modular design also simplifies any required service and support.

Intuitive User Interface

The Calisto R9 Software user interface runs with any common web browser. It streamlines monitor set-up and provides clear and intuitive views of historic readings and alarm settings. It is easy to port the data to INSIDEVIEW® or doblePRIME™ for in-depth DGA diagnostics.

Smart Substation Communications Ready

Calisto R9 comes standard with a generous offering of digital communicaiton ports. Relay and analog outputs are available as options. The protocols DNP3, Modbus and IEC61850 are available as software-enabled options. All together, Calisto R9 is ready to integrate into any smart substation topology.

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