High Performance Daylight Corona Imaging Camera

The CoroCAM® 6HD sets the new standard for corona camera performance used to inspect High Voltage infrastructure operating at 3.3 KV and above for corona discharges and arcing.

In the CoroCAM® 6HD an HD visible camera is paired with a high sensitivity solar blind UV camera.

The visible camera yields the highest resolving power of any corona camera, making it easier to record the presence of physical damage, based on which the maintenance priority assessment is made when using the EPRI® methodology. Both cameras are mechanically and electronically aligned allowing for exact overlay of the detected discharges at all optical zoom levels. An array of digital enhancements are available to amplify small signals, remove noise and make discharges more visible.

An Integrated GPS allows for the capture of information rich recordings.

Recording of stills and videos are possible, each with an associated meta-data file.

A variable angle LCD display with a sun hood paired with a simple user interface and one-handed operation makes the CoroCAM® 6HD a breeze to operate and get optimal images.


This is an example of dry Corona from the polymer insulator end fitting, caused by a missing or incorrectly applied corona ring. Continued exposure will lead to an exposed rod, which would lead to a flash under in approximately 4-10 years after initiation.

CoroCAM 6HD Features

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