Specialist UAV Corona Camera

UAV based inspections require sensor packages which are small, lightweight and yet sensitive enough to detect discharges from safe stand-off distances.

The CoroCAM UVS1 achieves this by making use of the successful CoroCAM solar blind filter & detector array and a lighter wider Field Of View (FOV) lens paired with an HD visible camera.

Both cameras are optically and electronically aligned allowing for exact overlay of the detected discharges at all optical zoom levels.

The HD visible camera FOV and resolution provides the resolving power required to effectively assess the corona discharge location thereby facilitating determination of the maintenance priority rating.

The CoroCAM UVS1 (installed in a suitable gimbal) can be used on a number of enterprise grade UAV's. The HDMI or composite video output can be down-linked to a base station display, while the RS232/CAN port can accept remote control signals from a base station via a wireless transmitter. Video and still recordings can be made on the camera while being remote controlled. An integrated GPS provides data recorded in meta files.

The above makes the CoroCAM UVS1 ideal for inspectors who want a professional UAV corona camera.

Data Sheet