Origo Wireless Phase Identification

Origio Phase ID System

4th generation PhaseID System

  • Simply purchase a G4 Field Probe, use our Smartphone App, and obtain reference phase from Origo’s worldwide Base Servers. 
  • The G4 System is not just another model.  It is an entirely new phase identification concept. 
  • Using a modern “Software Defined” architecture, the hardware doesn’t change. 
  • Future new features and phasing capabilities are implemented simply by upgrading the App and Server software. 
  • The App works with all previous Origo Field Probes including the hundreds of Lineman Field Probes still in use. 
  • The G4 Probe is the last Field Probe model you will ever have to purchase.



G4 App Video

Origo video scr

G4 PhaseID System Features 

  • flip8Smartphone App based system is very simple and intuitive to operate. 
  • Setting up Tagging Reference Phase is trivial. 
  • All measurement data (phase, GPS location, time, setup, etc.) is recorded on the Smartphone and can be downloaded, uploaded, or sent to others. 
  • Attach any text, voice, photo, or video clips desired to any phase  measurement. 
  • Fully redundant reference phase network.  If current Base Coupler is not operating, simply select another. 

G4 System Initial Phasing Capabilities

  • G4SystemNon-contact proximity phase measurements on all primary single & 3-phase circuits, and on all secondary circuits including residential meters. 
  • Phase URD dead front elbows, 3-phase URD feeder cables buried in a trench, and underground lead shielded feeder cables using current adapter. 
  • Determine URD elbow connectivity between junction cabinets and padmounts. 

G4 System Upcoming Phasing Capabilities 

  • Real-time phasing anywhere on the planet using Iridium GO!
  • Determine connectivity between URD cable in a trench and Cabinets. 
  • Drone ready to allow phasing isolated hard to reach circuits. 
  • Phase standard under-build and other complex circuits from ground level using circuit models to avoid having to use an extendo stick.

G3 Field Probe

G3FieldProbe 1