ASPEN OneLiner Training Class Albany, NY Sept. 16-18, 2014

Written by Advanced Systems for Power Engineering, Inc.

The next ASPEN OneLiner class is just a month away. This two-and-a-half day class will cover all aspects of the OneLiner software, from beginning to advanced. Please see the panel below for details.

There are only about 10 seats left. If you plan to come, I suggest you sign up on-line and reserve your hotel room as soon as possible.

I hope to see you there.


Sherman Chan

Topics Covered:

The Desmond Hotel
660 Albany Shaker Road.
Albany, NY 12211

Semptember 16-18, 2014

8:30am-4:45pm Tue. & Wed.
8:30am-noon Thur.

  • OneLiner user interface.
  • Network modeling: Generators, transmission lines, transformers, MOV-protected series capacitors, zero sequence mutuals, current-limited generator model for wind turbines, PV and non-traditional generation sources.
  • Short Circuit Calculations: starting voltage assumptions, outaged and grounded lines, circulating current in wye-wye-delta transformer, phasor probe, simultaneous faults, batch fault simulation.
  • Overcurrent and distance relay protections modeling. Plotting transformer-damage and inrush curves. and relay library editors. Importing relay data from SEL 5010, 5030 and other manufacturers' relay data files.
  • Communication-assisted protection scheme model.
  • Relay coordination studies, automatic coordination checking functions.
  • Special applications: breaker rating module, acr-flash hazard calculator, stepped event simulation.
  • Special topics: fault location, export relay test file, boundary equivalent, ground current calculator.
  • File management techniques.
  • Program installation: network keys, file sharing, work group setup.

Fee: $1,090 per seat

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