Power Quality Test Equipment

Outram PM1000F

The PowerMaster 1000 Single Phase Logger is a 3-channel data logging system built into an easy to carry housing. It is ideal for responding to residential voltage complaints and power consumption problems.

It monitors line to neutral and neutral to earth voltages and one current signal that accepts rogowski coils or traditional current clamps. Flicker Measurements are made to IEC 61000-4-15. Data is retrieved via an infra-red or (optional) Bluetooth serial port. Date and time, recording length, recording mode, sample rate, math channel usage and more can be configured from a laptop or personal computer via the serial port.

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Outram PM3000HFK

Power quality, harmonics and flicker monitor. The PM3000 Power Logger is the best value 3 phase power quality & harmonic logger on the market today. It measures almost every aspect of the electricity you're supplying or receiving, so is a must for utility, electricity and power supply companies as well as large industrial consumers, from heavy machinery plants to hospitals and supermarkets.

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Outram PM7000HK

PowerMaster 7000HK is an exceptional three phase power quality recorder/analyser for the Power Industry Professional. It is a user-friendly, comprehensive, compact and cost-effective power quality monitoring and trouble-shooting unit. It offers virtually everything needed to monitor and record power for surveys and audits. It includes 4 voltage input channels capable for measuring 0 to 600 Vac and 4 current input channels for use with voltage output current clamps, or Rogowski Coil sensors supplied. Eleven pre-stored connection configurations are set for 3 phase, 2 phase and single phase measurements. Users can also configure their own set-up and math calculation requirements and save them to non-volatile memory. 153.6 k samples per second. Bluetooth Equipped.

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