High Accuracy IED For Transformer Fault Detection And Insulation Condition Monitoring

LORD Power Equipment announces "Calisto 2", Morgan Schaffer's newest IED, which monitors dissolved hydrogen, carbon monoxide and moisture in oil.

morgan-schaffer-calisto2-250Focussing on building a monitor to assess just the parameters that are essential for the early detection and subsequent management of transformer main tank issues and paper aging, Morgan Schaffer has achieved a remarkably cost-effective and substation-tough monitor working to laboratory levels of stability and precision.

Engineered for CE conformity and versatile connectivity, Calisto 2 features relays, analogue I/Os, Ethernet, and the most popular industry communication protocols: Modbus, DNP3 and IEC 61850.

An integral oil circulation system, fast gas extraction, and solid-state temperature conditioning, ensures rapid and precise data in all Australasian operating environments. Adding to this confidence is a unique 3 year warranty with a 5 year cover on key internal parts