Weschler Transformer Advantage

  • Direct Oil Temperature
  • Calculated or Simulated Winding Temperatures
  • LTC Temperature Difference (LTC Models)
  • Loss of Life (Insulation Aging) Option
  • Single, Dual and Three RTD Units
  • Multi-Stage Fan/Pump Control with Read back
  • Auxiliary Analogue & Digital Inputs
  • Weatherproof NEMA 4X Metal Case
  • SCADA Ready – Analogue, Digital, DNP3, Modbus
  • Enhanced Windows Setup & Monitoring Software

The Transformer Advantage is a popular precision temperature monitor for liquid immersed power and distribution transformers. It is rugged, built for the Australian climate, fully electronic and field configurable. With Transformer Advantage, users can extend transformer life, utilize maximum capacity and reduce maintenance costs.

Seven models in the Advantage line offer a range of functions and configurations. All use an accurate and stable platinum temperature sensor (RTD) to precisely measure critical liquid temperatures. Set point relays can activate alarms or multiple stages of cooling at different temperatures. A sequencing function equalizes run time between cooling stages. The fan timer can exercise fans at a preset time each day. Seasonal setback is available on any set point relay. A front panel test mode quickly verifies cooling and alarm operation. The high current relay contacts can be configured to fail safe (close on monitor fault or power fail).

The large alphanumeric LED display continually shows the selected transformer parameter. Front panel buttons scroll the display through other parameters and relay/alarm status. Peak and valley values for each channel are time stamped and stored in non-volatile memory. These are easily checked and reset by the operator from the front panel or through digital communications. A password-protected supervisor mode accesses all setup parameters. Initial setup can be done from the front panel or through the optional RS232/422/485 digital ports. Windows-based configuration software significantly speeds start up.

The Transformer Advantage is a cost-effective upgrade from analogue gauges. It is designed to mount in the existing gauge location and on or in the control cabinet. Probe options fit most popular thermowells, or magnetically mount on units without wells. The Advantage has been conservatively designed and stress tested to provide years of trouble free service in the harshest environments. A wide variety of options tailor the Transformer Advantage to each application.

Lord Power 2v4 2

Managing Transformer Temperatures with an Intelligent Transformer Monitor

Transmission & Distribution magazine August/September 2017


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